Finding Your Path Forward

What To Expect From My Representation

Family law representation can be a complicated process. When you are uncertain of the future after your divorce or other family law issue, knowing what to expect from the legal process can be just as hazy. While your lawyer should be able to guide you through your legal needs, they should also able to tell you what to expect from your case.

I am Jennifer Sevigney Durand, a Massachusetts family law attorney helping her clients. I know how complicated these cases can be, and while my goal is to help you secure fast and fair resolutions in these cases, I also want you to know what to expect from the process and from my process of representation.

Where The Process Starts

Our partnership starts with an initial consult and an overview of what is involved in the attorney-client relationship. Communication and trust are important factors in the efficient and predictable progression of your case. As your attorney, I will find a resolution goal that fits your unique needs and implement a strategic plan accordingly. I will guide you through the process and make sure you are in control of making the decisions that are best for your family.

What Comes Next

Success starts with knowledge. At the outset, I will start with an outline and understanding of the pertinent details of your case, both legal and nonlegal. This starts in the initial consultation, where you’ll talk about where you are and where you’d like to be at the conclusion of your case. Setting realistic goals for the time, cost, and potential outcomes of your case is essential.

Depending on your goals, the legal strength of your case and the disposition of the other side, there are a number of different paths your case can take. All cases have their own characteristics and call for tailored approaches. Exploring all reasonable avenues will both give you a level of comfort and get you a fair resolution.

Things don’t always go as planned. But experience is on your side and informed changes in strategy ensure that your case still results in a satisfactory outcome. Though the goal of our work together is to resolve your case without the necessity of a trial, I will always be prepared for your case to go to litigation if it becomes necessary.

Start Your Case With Me

If you are ready to meet with a skilled and committed family law attorney, contact my Canton office today. Call 781-562-1408 or email me here to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer you can trust to keep you informed about every step of your family law case.